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Mens University
Glee Club 2011

Squeezebox Cabaret
April 4, 2011

Squeezebox Cabaret
April 4, 2011

April 7, 2011

If you read about Bobbies early years you know that she was taken to the great musical performance rooms as a young child. When she was reunited with her school songwriting/performance buddy she realized that the Universe was telling her that it was OK for her to fulfill the purpose she was born to fulfill.

Bobbie got permission from most of the musical entertainment rooms to bring her then young son David with her to the cabarets to see his mom perform.

Note: David, now 53 years old became an attorney in 1994.

In the 1980s, as half of the comic musical writing/performing team Horowitz & Spector, she won a MAC Award (Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs) for their show, "Whatever Happened To the Kids From Brooklyn?"

Horowitz & Spector performed in most of the New York City cabarets in the 1980s. The rooms were doing well and drugs weren't allowed in the music rooms they performed in. Horowitz & Spector did not take drugs nor did their children. They avoided performing in the rooms that allowed drugs.

Horowitz & Spector appeared three times on the Joe Franklin TV Show and were frequently featured in news columns. Their video, "Fudge Fish Cakes", was featured on American Airlines flights. Bobbie can be seen on You Tube as part of Horowitz & Spector and, also, in a featured YouTube video.

They also appeared in the internet-shattering series of videos from Stairway to Stardom, a cable access talent show played in Manhattan in the 1970's and 1980's.

When Sharon Spector Schapow's husband became ill and Sharon needed to be with him Bobbie began writing and performing in shows on her own and with other cabaret stars.

Bobbie was asked to "guest star" in many known writers and performers and club owners' cabaret shows.

Bobbie appeared in a group show at The Oak Room of the Algonquin Hotel, as Part of the Squeeze Box Review in Brooklyn's Public Assembly and sang her songs at The Salon and at Wednesday Night at the Iguana, "Le Sqeezebox Cabaret" at Theater for the New City and in The Taffy Jaffe Show The Cornelia Street Cafe.

At Bobbie's 55th Cornell reunion many of her classmates, especially those who wrote or spoke or performed shared, how difficult it was to continue getting bookings. This inspired Bobbie to develop her Muiti-Award Winning series "It’s Just a Number!" - in which she - and performers of all ages - honored older people who were succeeding in different areas. Many were still succeeding in the field of entertainment!

Bobbie created and performed the song she wrote for her multi-awarded series "It's Just a Number!" as well as other songs, when the time permitted, at each presentation of the show, which she also hosted.

Unfortunately, Bobbie needed to cancel her April show due to the changed transportation and seating regulations caused by COVID 19. The last show presented for the series was on February 12th at Don't Tell Mama!

Since the Pandemic closed live performances Bobbie has appeared, singing her original songs, on several well received Virtual Cabaret Shows. She's been a regular on "Spotlight on You!" hosted by Natasha Castillo and "MAC Roving Mic", each episode hosted by a highly reputed performer or reviewer or club owner and she will be a featured guest on "Groovin' on a Sunday" presented by Ann McCormack and Woody Regan.