Thank you for visiting my site. My goal is to inspire you to enjoy life and know that your contribution to our planet will be wonderful.

I hope this site inspires you - both the males and females looking at it - and uplifts you. Know that you can live the purpose you're here for.

If the social order that existed in your youth didn't see the purpose you were created for as proper for you - you can still live to achieve your purpose!


About Bobbie Horowitz

When you see all the activities Bobbie's been involved in you might think that she always felt good about herself and was confident and relaxed since childhood. Bobbie is quite confident now. It took a strong desire to improve her self-image that led Bobbie to do research and find the actions she needed to take to change the negative thoughts she had about herself.

She had three conditions that her pier groups in grade school & high school reputedly didn't think were wonderful.

  1. She was somewhat overweight
  2. She was taller than many of the boys
  3. She was smart and got high grades (even in Jr. High!)
During her college years she, thankfully, learned how to get her body into good shape. She enjoyed her studies at the ILR School at Cornell, from which she graduated "First in Class" in 1961. When she graduated she worked as a research assistant in her dad's labor relations law firm, Drechsler & Leff (founded by her mother's dad).

Bobbie realizes that, given what she knows now, she could have made her marriage work. It was worth getting married, in any case, because it led to her giving birth to the joy of her life - her son David Slone. When David entered school Bobbie realized she could, actually, live her dream: creating, performing in and presenting entertainment to uplift others.

Wanting to put forth the visual image that would express who she truly was in life and who the characters she played onstage were led her to also study with Image Consultants. She then became a certified Image Consultant to help others find their best image.

At 81 years of age, Bobbie is writing the lyrics and book for a musical. Her goal is to uplift people! She's committed to finding a composer, who also wants to uplift humanity's spirit, to write the music for the show.